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Business Finder and Service Provider

Business Finder and Service Provider


 Business Finder, Service Provider and directory listing


Ebygold is the best Business Finder which targets to build a website that overcomes the gap between Businesses and Customers.  Listing Owners have Dashboard to manage their Listings. Business Owner can be a Company or a Manual Worker, a Lawyer or a Doctor and Clients can buy Products or book a Service from Business Owner.

Each Business / Service Owner can have a Business Wall and post Business Statuses, share their News, Updates, Images & Videos, sell Products & Post Job Vacancies. Business Owners have their own frontend profile. Customers can Like & Comment on Business Owners Statuses for direct interactivity between Businesses & Clients.

Ebygold It is designed in such a way that it could be used as a Business finder, service provider, professional directory,lawyer directory, engineers directory, handyman directory, services directory, veterinary directory, business listing or as a directory for other professionals as it has a lot of features a directory website may need (and many more!). The site is carefully designed to provide all the essential information any directory business would need.

Submitting a business using Ebygold is super simple, we’ve made entering business information easy. You need to Register before submitting business with Ebygold. You can submit business at any time by simply clicking the “Submit business” link  at the Above. Start by given your ad a title and a description, select a category and location for your ad, select an expiration date and upload pictures.

Your business listing will appear throughout the website and will be searchable by visitors interested on similar places

Expand your business services with Ebygold

Go viral online through business listing services of to succeed by allowing business owner list business online free so that viewers can easily find out the local businesses, their addresses and contact information from the page. Business listing might sound easy, but the fact is that it requires great skills and efficiency of listing names and numbers correctly according to their importance, requirements and category.

Ebygold help busineEbygold is very important for e-commerce and social networking sites, where people visit more than the rest and make a search for local business listing.